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20 / 20 "HERE IN A YEAR" 

Where do you see yourself a year from now? Where do you see your relationship with God, your marriage and family life, your friendships, your career, and your finances?

If you commit to seeking growth and genuine transformation in your life...
By committing to this plan, in a year from now, your life as you know it, will be unrecognizable!
20 / 20 EVERY DAY: 
20 minutes reading the Word of God (Follow daily reading schedule)
20 minutes in prayer

20 / 20 is primarily used to describe a person's physical vision. But how clear is your spiritual vision? Many Christians have blurry spiritual vision. They are unclear about the decisions they should make, the direction their life should go, how to honor God in their relationships, finances and etc.

Regularly reading God's Word and spending time in prayer will give you clear vision for daily living- 20 / 20 vision.
20 / 20 combines reading the Word for twenty minutes and spending twenty minutes in prayer every day.  While it is a simple plan, implementing it will empower you to hear from God and experience the things God has purposed for your life!

Our prayer for you is through the utilization of this plan and the available resources regularly offered in our church services, you will fall more deeply in love with the Lord while experiencing His transforming power in your life.